The Personal Air Sanitiser
The Personal Air Sanitiser
The Personal Air Sanitiser
The Personal Air Sanitiser
The Personal Air Sanitiser
The Personal Air Sanitiser
The Personal Air Sanitiser
The Personal Air Sanitiser
The Personal Air Sanitiser
The Personal Air Sanitiser
The Personal Air Sanitiser
The Personal Air Sanitiser

The Personal Air Sanitiser

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    How Air Sanitiser Works

    Air Sanitiser draws in harmful air from the top and releases microbes-free air at 360° around the device. 

    Air Sanitiser uses a nanotech coating linked to a biocidal active substance*. The process consists of two stages. First, the microbes are attracted to the inner surfaces of the channels in the honeycomb filter where they are then trapped. Second, they are destroyed by a rapid chemical reaction with our novel nanotech surface treatment of the filter channels. 

    The treatment causes the microbes to burst like balloons touching a cactus.

    *Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

    Microbes bursting like balloons touching a cactus

    Lab Testing

     We believe in scientific evidence and this why we want to share our testing results. 

    The efficacy of the coating technology on the surface and in a single air pass was measured with a large range of microbes. The speed of action was also measured and it was found to be less than 2 seconds(due to experimental limitations no faster time has been tested). 

     We have also proven the antifungal properties of our coated filters by comparing them to uncoated ones under humid conditions. This is an extremely important characteristic of our coated filter because mould and other microbes can live and grow on commonly-used filters such as HEPA filters. The image below summarises our findings.

    Coated vs Uncoated Ceramic Filter

    We have assessed the durability of the filters after 25 washing cycles in the dishwasher at 75 °C (without detergent). The efficacy of the coated filters has not changed under those conditions.

    All testings were performed at independent testing laboratories.

    Use Air Sanitiser Everywhere

    Unlike larger units that are pushed out into a corner of the room, Air Sanitiser can be placed near where people interact and can be part of your decoration.

    Air Sanitiser  has a clean air delivery rate of 15 litres per second making it ideal for one-to-one interactions. Air Sanitiser is not a room air purifier but a personal air sanitiser. Therefore, the number of Air Sanitiser required is derived from the number of people that will occupy a space at any time. We recommend approximately one Air Sanitiser per two individuals.

    Air Sanitiser is USB powered and is applicable to:

    • Small confined space such as cars or toilets/bathrooms
    • Personal work spaces such as desks, retail tills
    • Personal socialisation situations like restaurant tables, coffee tables

    You can be creative with Air Sanitiser.

    Air Sanitiser can be a great centrepiece on your dining table. Air Sanitiser can sit on the coffee table when you invite friends over. Air Sanitiser fits in your car as well. Take it with you. Take it to your friends house. Air Sanitiser can be next to the checkout counter. Air Sanitiser would be great to be near you when you are at a coffee shop, restaurant or on your work desk.

    Often air purifiers are large and noisy and people put them in the corner of the room so that they can be out of the way. This can reduce their effectiveness significantly. Air Sanitiser is designed to be small and quiet enough that you can put it near where you are in the room without disturbing you.

    Durable Honeycomb Filter 

    Our ceramic honeycomb filters are sourced from the automotive industry. They are designed to last many years of rough treatment in an automobile. While we cannot absolutely guarantee that they will never break, our tests show that they are pretty sturdy. The honeycomb filter is deliberately dropped onto a hard surface to produce the shock.

     project video thumbnail
    Condition of a filter dropped 3 times onto a hard surface

    Easy to Wash

    A few times a year, simple remove the filter, vacuum or rinse off the dust, and the filter is good as new. 

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